Your workshop in Watertown was one of the best spiritual experiences I’ve had in quite some time. I did not expect at how open i would become to experiencing all of the feelings and deep connection with others in the workshop. Everybody seemed to be at different stages in their journey, but the love and support that we all offered to each other was amazing.

It came at the perfect time in my life and I will carry it with me for a long time!  Paul C., Boston


I never thought I would be comfortable in a group massage situation. I had never done that before. As soon as Adam started the group, I felt totally comfortable because he made it so easy to be authentic and to be part of the group.

Don… Boston, MA.

I had never done massage before. Adam said that did not matter. He emphasized that it is not about technique and that we all had an innate ability to touch lovingly. He was right! It became much easier once I got out of my head.

Joe…..New York City

I first came to the Heart Centered Touch group after a painful breakup. I was feeling down and sorry for myself, I guess. The men in the group made me feel really welcome and they showered me with kindness and loving energy. I went back the following week to feel the community spirit again!

John….New York City

I had very little previous experience with being touched by men or touching men in a nurturing or loving way. My father was very distant and we had no physical contact that I remember. I’ve been in a happy marriage for many years.  Reading about Heart Centered Touch, I became intrigued by the concept and wondered if I could begin to heal the wounds of my childhood. I have been coming to Heart Centered Touch groups regularly now. It has made an enormous difference in my experience of myself and of men in general…A very positive one!

George, New York City

I had been shut down to any touch by a man after a long, abusive relationship I was in.  Being welcomed and embraced by the men at Heart Centered Touch has allowed me to open up to touch again. I am so grateful to Adam for creating this safe space.

John, New York

 The retreat was a truly life-changing experience.  I went from “I wanna go home” to “Do I really have to go home?”  Once everything was out in the open (insecurities, feeling uncomfortable, etc.) we became a supportive and connected group. And it was because of your willingness to veer off script and read the room.  It was the most amazing experience in memory.  I fell in love with each and every one of the men in that room.  I can’t thank you enough for the weekend.

Dave, New Hampshire